Techniques to Track Your Marketing Channels

How do you track your marketing channels?

Through several strategically thought out methods. These can be as simple as visits to a landing page or performing a direct mail match back. They can also be more complex such as adding code to pages on your website so contact information is adjusted based on the pay per click campaign that ushered them into your website.
With 3Dv Analytics every channel where marketing occurs is tracked, in one place, and as real time as data is available.
Sample of 3Dv Analytics

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The following are examples of tracking techniques. Click on a title to learn more.
Direct Mail Segmentation Code
A unique code printed somewhere on the response piece that allows the organization to track which individuals in a particular segment are responding as those response pieces are returned.
Coupon-Redemption Code
A code or phrase that is placed on your marketing channel and then redeemed by either mentioning over the phone, writing it into a coupon box (either on a direct mail piece or a web page), or bringing it directly into a store.
Dedicated Telephone Line
A purchased phone line that is utilized for a specific marketing channel. Anyone that calls this phone would have to have knowledge of your campaign. People can be tracked during and after speaking with a representative.
Telephone Redirect
This consists of placing a rented phone number (or several) as a response mechanism on a marketing medium. When this unique number is called, it is seamlessly redirected to whichever internal phone line is desired. The phone number, call duration, timestamp, and actual conversation can be tracked. Variable telephone redirects can also be populated on a website based on the pathway a visitor took to reach site. Examples of these pathways include PPC or landing page traffic.
Landing Page
A landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal. Reports can be generated to see which individuals visited this landing page, filled out information, or executed a desired request.
Custom URL
A unique webpage can be created for the campaigns within your current website.

Redirect URL
A purchased URL can reflect your specific campaign or initiative, however when it is clicked on the customer is sent seamlessly to your web page, or a page of your choosing.
Once a campaign has run its lifecycle, an internal database of those people who have made a purchase (or otherwise responded to your marketing campaign) is matched up against the lists of individuals that were exposed to your marketing campaign. This is helpful for understanding response rates and ideal marketing mix.
QR Codes
By adding QR codes to print or out of home advertising campaigns (bus shelters, subway stations, billboards, etc.) you can easily track the reaction they are getting from potential customers. A QR code can also redirect to a specific url, social media page or contact information while important tracking information is collected.
Executed online, over the phone or in-person, surveys can be used to provide quantitative and qualitative data within a predetermined framework.
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