3Dv Analytics

Our analytics platform was created for one purpose, to establish a single marketing truth.

3Dv Analytics is a comprehensive and interactive platform that unifies data streams, enhances them with demographic/psychographic data points, and tracks all marketing channels to identify marketing ROI.

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3Dv Analytics provides a source of transparent insight for your team or agency that can track strategy, campaign, creative, and channel then overlay that information with business metrics that really matter.

Viewable from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device it creates a three dimensional view of marketing and sales data in potentially real-time. By delivering insight to those who need it when they need it, areas of strength, weakness and growth can be leveraged for marketing intelligence.

More Information:

Why unify, enhance, and track?
The short answer is because marketing dollars are precious, accurate marketing intelligence is the difference maker, and measurement of ROI is essential.
How do you track your marketing channels?
Through several strategically thought out methods. These can be as simple as visits to a landing page or performing a direct mail match back.

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