Giving continues to grow in the U.S., and as of 2018 individual giving makes up more than 70% of all charitable contributions.

While giving is trending upward past pre-recession levels, the outlook for fundraisers is still challenging due to increased competition, decreased federal funding, global economic worries, and a highly turbulent domestic political environment.

Giving Sources

How will your organization respond and continue to evolve?

Our fundraising and outreach strategies are designed to successfully and efficiently cultivate, communicate, and steward our clients’ constituents through the use of data-driven strategy. By working with CESM your organization gains a partner that utilizes:

  • Proven expertise in descriptive and predictive analytics to target the right constituents and identify new prospects through data acquisition

  • Profiling of existing donors through wealth screening, demographic, and psychographic enhancement

  • Multichannel strategies developed through the data insight, focused on reaching the right constituents no matter where they are

  • Analytics that unify and visualize data, uncover insight, and track progress toward your KPIs and goals

  • Experienced consultants who have successfully designed and implemented fundraising programs with measurable success and ROI

  • The ability to work in concert with internal fundraising and marketing teams along with external agencies

Reach more donors. Raise more dollars.

Through our data-driven, multichannel approach, our clients are able to reach more potential donors while building a foundation of consistent support with current donors and develop a stronger pipeline of major donors. At CE Strategy, all of our strategies apply directly to the donor pyramid and are geared towards an upward flow culminating with major giving and bequests.

Data enhancement

Data accuracy and depth drive audience segmentation, which leads to tailored content and messaging that resonate with those who donate to your annual fund. CE Strategy partners with multiple data sources and applies a consultative approach to provide you the highest-quality financial, demographic, and psychographic data available.

Annual fund communication, stewardship, and cultivation

At CE Strategy, we believe in an audience-centered and segmented approach, meaning that prospects should be communicated with uniquely and economically. We accomplish this through a systematic consulting method known as D4i Strategy. Our integrated, multichannel strategies provide a custom solution to meet your fundraising goals.

Communicating both the importance of giving and strengthening your relationship with your constituents is vital in building a strong annual giving program. CE Strategy works with your team to create unique, data-driven communication pieces that resonate and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with donors. A focus on the right audience, timing, sequencing, ask strategies, channels, and messaging are key tenets of our approach.

The role of  analytics developed by CE Strategy

Using your giving data and external data enhancement, CE Strategy develops analytics that look back to reveal historic donor patterns. We can then look forward to forecast future results based on specific donor acquisition and retention KPIs. This analysis coupled with our strategic consultative services gives your team the information necessary to consider what investments, KPIs, and realistic goals for sustainable short-term and long-term success should be.

The tools we develop are both diagnostic tools and an opportunity for you to explore your program’s potential for growth. The platform shows how your donors are giving today, and how even small changes in your giving metrics can cause a ripple effect of success for your program.

Analytics developed by CE Strategy answer questions such as:
  • How many gifts, on average, does a donor make before they give a leadership gift of $5,000 or more? How about a major gift of $20,000 or more?

  • What is the cost of donor attrition?

  • How would increasing retention improve the long-term sustainability of your program?

  • What are the giving patterns across decades of your donors or alumni?

  • Why should you invest in acquiring, upgrading, and retaining annual donors when major and planned giving donors give so much?

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