We develop strategies and build data structures that support your needs, feeding data-driven decision intelligence within the organization.

Before you can start down the path of ROI and monetization, you need a strong foundation.

We offer a range of services based on decades of experience with enterprise engagements to support the development of a strong foundation in data modeling, architecture, and management. It’s nearly impossible for a company to successfully be data-driven while struggling to collect, organize, clean, and share data consistently across your organization. This is where we come in, and we do so without bias in technology or software.

  • Review of current data architecture and potential fit-gap analysis

  • Collaboratively develop a data architecture strategy based on business requirements 

  • Design, develop, and deploy database structures based on industry experience and best practices

  • Testing strategies and continuous improvement efforts focused on scalability and transparency

We have the leadership, technical resources, and experience working with stakeholders from the C-suite and IT, Marketing, Finance, and other departmental teams in the U.S. and Europe to successfully map out and scale these efforts.

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