Benefits of 3Dv Analytics

Why unify, enhance, and track?

The short answer is because marketing dollars are precious, accurate marketing intelligence is the difference maker, and measurement of ROI is essential. With 3Dv Analytics you will be able to unify internal data sources, enhance your current customer data, and track the response from each channel of a campaign or period of time.
Sample of 3Dv Analytics

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The following are examples of 3Dv Analytics benefits. Click to learn more.
Marketing ROI
How did your marketing efforts perform? What factors, channels and dollars can be attributed to those results? This can be a short or long term question and the answer can be obtained using these different models; Single Attribution (First Touch/Last Touch), Single Attribution with Revenue Cycle Projection, Attribution across multiple campaigns/target markets, Test and Control Groups, or Full Market Mix Modeling.
Response Reporting
Thoroughly track response for each marketing effort across channels at various stages of the campaign. This can include target audience, offer segmentation, channel, budget, leads generated, and lead conversion rate along with other relevant attributes.
Customer Profiling
Create customer profiles using past information or by appending new attributes to your clients. This will assist in understanding untapped market potential, improve your targeted marketing, and choose better locations for sales territories, new sales locations or potential revenue from those locations.
Segment Identification
Determine the response rates of specific groups of people based on demographic, geographic and psychographic traits that will help predict future buying patterns. This can also be used to ensure that when A/B testing certain marketing mixes, potential for inadvertent grouping when selecting the audiences does not occur.
Marketing Budget and Channel Optimization
As results are tracked by campaign and a marketing mix evolves, this information can be used to determine future spend based on past performance and ROI.
Product/Service Profitability
The measurement of gross profit minus all costs. This can be broken down at product or brand level and can also be viewed over a timeline to measure past performance against current performance. This information can be pivotal when determining which products to market and when.
Sales Performance
Verify which members of your team are converting the most leads.  This data can also be used to identify sales team members with weak conversion rates so that additional support and training can be provided, ensuring your customers receive the highest quality service possible.
Logistical/Production Optimization
By viewing real time sales information and marketing response rates, decisions on logistics support and supply chain optimization can quickly and accurately be made.
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