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Competition is steadily increasing for identifying and enrolling qualified students in today’s higher ed enrollment landscape.

To thrive and differentiate, an institution’s ability to leverage big data, predictive analytics, research, and data-driven strategies determines those who enjoy growth and those who are left behind.

% Change from Previous Year, Enrollment by Sector
(Title IV, Degree-Granting Institutions)

Infographic by National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

How do you locate, engage, and enroll the right students at your institution?

CESM delivers the data-driven strategy, expertise, and analytics to sustain success across all levels of high ed enrollment. These elements work together seamlessly to increase demand, target the right students, and nurture them through the enrollment process. We understand your challenges, including:

Adjusting recruitment and retention strategies to rapid market changes
Adapting to changing demographics and supporting diversity
Responding to increasing calls for accountability
Understanding student and campus revenue needs as costs outpace federal and state support for higher education

How do you stand out in today’s fiercely competitive college market?

The answer is not by flooding students with the same search campaigns as your competition. CESM helps you build demand by being more strategic and data-driven, and establishing segmentation for tailored content in your college student search. By partnering with us, you tap into:

Proven expertise in predictive analytics to target the right students
Creative strategies using data insight that tailor messaging based on relevant segments
Multichannel strategies focused on reaching the right students no matter where they are
The ability to work in concert with internal marketing teams or agencies
Use of customized analytics to unify and visualize data, uncover insight, and track progress toward your goals

Don’t get caught up by click totals or website visit numbers. Our goal is increasing ROI by generating quality student leads that result in enrollment, and nothing else.

Interactive Analytics Demo

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Are you seeking to grow your graduate school enrollment, or help more professional students complete their degrees?

CESM specializes in improving the recruitment and retention of higher ed students in graduate and professional programs too. CESM provides consulting, data-driven strategy, analytics, and research to help you enroll the students you want and allow them to reach their educational goals.

Actual & Projected Post-Baccalaureate Enrollment in Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions, by Sex: Fall 2000–2025

Infographic by National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Data enhancement

Data accuracy and depth drive audience segmentation, which leads to tailored content and messaging that resonate. CESM partners with multiple data sources and applies a consultative approach to provide you the highest-quality financial, demographic, and psychographic data available.

What you receive when you work with CESM:

A partner who works side by side with you to develop and grow your graduate programs using an ROI-driven philosophy that is  channel-neutral
KPI-focused consultation that is data-driven, where the foundation of every decision is based on data and collaboration
A current-state data assessment through the use of customized analytics to benchmark your data and track progress towards your KPIs and goals
Experienced consultants who have successfully marketed graduate programs within multiple colleges and universities

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