We partner with agencies to deliver data insight and strategy for clients and prospects by:

  • Mapping audiences, channels, and messaging to motivations and values of target customers and then optimizing both creative and targeting to improve emotional connections to brands, products, or services

  • Understanding what drives key customers — or competitors’ customers — on a deeper level to buy and then develop more specific positioning recommendations

  • Deepening understanding of customer segments and surfacing the products and services that create more engaged and loyal customers

  • Providing deeper reporting on the reasons why a specific channel or offer is more or less effective in delivering the desired action or response

  • Creating custom analytical models to answer client-specific KPIs

  • Assisting in the development of data-driven strategies through analysis and modeling

Move Past Metrics… to ROI and Marketing Intelligence. Welcome to analytics and data science from CE Strategy.

Improved Targeting and Enable 1 to 1 Communication Strategies

CE Strategy creates analytics and modeling to determine segmentation strategies that target the right audience with the right message at the right time. We know more than who people are and their address. We know why they do it — and we use those insights to drive better results for our agency partners. We enhance your understanding of your client’s audience with unique insights about their motivations, media consumption habits, behaviors and hundreds of other dimensions.

Insight and Strategy That Builds Relationships and Grows Business

Are you combining marketing data sets from online and offline sources along with client sales and CRM data to determine ROI? If not, partner with CE Strategy to develop analytics that are powerful tools that enable you to put the right data in front of your team and client to make more informed decisions. Present the success and most importantly the ROI of your last campaign or bring to light the strategy for your next one. In addition, highlight opportunities for improvement and optimization in marketing channels or customer segments. Whatever data you need to present to your client, you can pull it together quickly and easily with analytics developed by CE Strategy.

Provide Constant Value to Clients and Look Good Doing It

Clients want analytics that provide them with insight. That’s why CE Strategy tailors them to client specific KPIs. We can brand dashboards and add functionality that displays product, artwork and video content layered in alongside ad sets (or video) performance and testing. Individual data visualizations or complete reports can be downloaded to .pdf or .gif.

Data Management Capabilities

We turn your client’s customer data into a Data Management Platform (DMP) that delivers customer intelligence enabling audience and brand connections at the deepest possible levels.

DMP Integration allows you to:

  • Build audiences specifically for a one-off test or single-channel or multichannel campaign. Utilize first and third part data to illuminate unique motivations, values, brand preferences and purchase drivers.

  • Ship your existing audiences or customer data to CE Strategy, and use analytics to get a historical 360-degree view of your customers and prospects that incorporates demographic, psychographic and financial indicators.

  • Leverage analytics to measure audience segment performance and ROI by marketing channel or campaign.

Most Important Data-Driven Marketing Objectives

Analytics Features That Agencies Love:

  • Dedicated Analytics Team
    A dedicated analytics team at your fingertips that includes PhD level data scientists and economists.

  • An Experienced Staff
    An experienced staff with marketing analytics domain knowledge that’s dedicated to your success.

  • Connected Data Feeds
    Connected data feeds that update reports in near real time.

  • Dozens of Widgets
    Dozens of widgets to create the charts and tables you need from diverse data sources.

  • Build Your Brand
    Logo placement within the platform to build your brand.

  • Room for Comments
    Room for comments, so you can add insight to the platform.

  • Schedule Report Distribution
    Scheduling of report distribution, so you can deliver relevant reports to the right people when they need it.

Native data connectors for plug-and-play digital advertising data:

  • Web analytics from Google Analytics.
  • SEO metrics from Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).
  • PPC tracking from Google AdWords.
  • Page and advertising insights from Facebook and Twitter.
  • CSV file support for uploading external data.
  • Plus, many more connectors to CRMs, sales, accounting, and marketing automation tools.

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