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The singular goal of CESM is to increase marketing ROI for our clients.

We believe that all marketing should be strategic and linked to ROI. Therefore all tactics should be targeted and tracked based on audience or business KPI, and developed based on the unique goals of each client.
This includes mass media channels (TV, radio, outdoor) and precision channels (email, direct mail, mobile SMS, telemarketing) along with digital channels (online advertising, social, mobile apps, and search).

The CMO Survey is fielded biennially and is sponsored by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association, and Deloitte.

What that means for your organization:
[service icon=”moon-search-5″ title=”Marketing Attribution” size=”40″]Today there are multiple types of tracking technologies that we utilize, giving marketers the opportunity to attribute leads and conversions to specific advertising channels. This makes it possible to optimize campaigns and enhance ROI.[/service]
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[service icon=”moon-users-2″ title=”Segmentation” size=”40″]Taking advantage of your data or in combination with 3rd party data to predict a customer’s preferences and tailor marketing messages to them, while they are still in the buying phase, will significantly enhance messaging effectiveness. This type of targeting is designed to meet customer needs based on their unique characteristics and preferences not the brand itself. It also allows brands to connect with prospects at the right time and place with a relevant message.[/service]
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[service icon=”moon-brain” title=”1-to-1 Communication” size=”40″]Advanced analytics provided by CESM unlock the ability to create highly targeted campaigns with personalized content. The goal is to create one to one communication strategies that resonate on an emotional level. In addition to content, optimal timing and channel preference can be developed through data insight which increase engagement levels and overall campaign success.[/service]
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[service icon=”moon-coins” title=”Enhanced Sales Development” size=”40″]Identifying specific products, offers, and marketing channels that move prospects down each stage of the sales funnel enables marketing and sales teams to be more successful. By combining internal and 3rd party data sources growth markets and saturated markets can also be identified.
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[service icon=”moon-wand-2″ title=”Strategic Insight” size=”40″]Having access to insight, not just data, and working with a team to understand the best way to make use of it, is the most important benefit of working with CESM. Gaining actionable insights with 3DV Analytics gives marketers the ability to execute campaigns with strategic precision and the ability to know what, why, and when marketing was successful.[/service]

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CESM is a strategic marketing & analytics firm that leverages data insight to develop strategies that accomplish client goals for retention and growth.