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Marketing Performance Management

Marketing Performance Management The marketing industry gets a lot of attention for its potential contributions toward revenue growth and company prosperity, but often the attention stops short of marketing performance itself. The planning, budgeting, and campaign execution phases zap up all the energy before assessment and analysis of the results of marketing efforts even begins. What you are left with, then, is a less than optimal approach in which the outcomes of yesterday’s marketing efforts do very little to inform the marketing ... Read more

Café Americano

Coffee Is the Most Significant Food Import into the U.S. Nearly two-thirds of the US population drinks coffee. According to research from Gallup, about a quarter of coffee drinkers even identify as addicted. So where is our much needed coffee coming from? Could anything stand in the way of our fix? Coffee is the most significant food import of the United States. Although we export some of the refined product too, the ITC claims the US stake in global gross imports amounted to ... Read more
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