Visual Lab

The CESM Visual Lab seeks to bring complex data to life by creating distilled visuals that convey insight in simple and relatable ways.

By merging elements of art and science we help our clients deliver valuable information to their audiences both clearly and accurately.We specialize in the construction of infographics, data visualizations, and interactive visualizations as vehicles for the delivery of insight. Utility for these services has become widespread in journalism, politics, business, social advocacy and many other fields.

These visuals have the potential to play a vital role in nearly any vertical market where the distillation of data into simple terms is essential to the success of understanding, adoption, or conversion. Regardless of intended audience, we have developed a creative process that incorporates client supplied data and external data (if needed) with client goals to deliver powerful visuals that are on brand.

Below are several examples from within our growing portfolio:
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Check out our description of each visual tool:

Represent the graphical representation of information or data meant to convey a story, explanation, or summary in a clear and concise manner. In other words, easily understandable at a glance.
Data Visualizations
Similar to infographics but further assists the audience with analysis of otherwise complex data. Special focus is placed on making the complex more accessible, understandable, and usable.
Interactive Visualizations
Enable self-exploration; allowing the audience to digest complex data by interacting with a visual representation of it. This includes but is not limited to isolating specific segments with the visualization, adjustment of images, colors, brightness, size, shape, and motion of visual objects representing aspects of the data being visualized.
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Strategic marketing through data insight.