Where are CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy and Marketing Clients?

From Coast to Coast

Serving clients across North America, in person, by phone, or via email, CESM puts great emphasis on building client relationships wherever they are. CESM is proudly based in Rochester, N.Y. Below is an interactive map showing a partial list of client locations.

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Edward Foundation: 41.760762, -88.150309
Mercy Flight Western NY: 42.940493, -78.723385
Brown Mackie College: 40.455177, -79.970684
Cohber: 43.066380, -77.668018
Susquehanna Health: 41.260648, -76.986652
Renaissance Academy: 43.259209, -77.682415
Canisius College: 42.925030, -78.852671
Unholy Orchard: 42.951770, -77.412379
The Foundations of Catholic Health: 42.890816, -78.868144
AMF: 37.603488, -77.355005
Briggs & Stratton: 43.082275, -88.065063
University of Rochester Medical Center: 43.122658, -77.625455
Rochester Regional Health Foundations: 43.201909, -77.575655
CESM is a strategic marketing firm that leverages proven and innovative marketing principles with data insight to accomplish client goals.
Strategic marketing services through data insight.