Insight through Data Science

Are you data rich and insight poor? Otherwise known as D.R.I.P

Gartner’s research confirms that only one-third of C-Suites are measuring return on investment (ROI) as a strategic priority. This serves as an accurate depiction of the cavernous gap between the vision and reality of data-driven business strategies.

Once solid data and analytics foundations are in place, the most innovative solutions to extract value from data may still be sourced externally. As a result, CESM has assembled a talented, experienced, and diverse team along with strategic partnerships and university level technology resources to deliver unrivaled data science as a service for the purposes of business ROI.

Additionally, CESM can provide value through:

Bench Resources – We have 12 PhD level data scientists with practical backgrounds in economics, business, logistics, and tech along with access to the third fastest cloud computing system in the U.S. housed at the University of Rochester

Confirmation – We provide clients with a second look at their hypothesis, algorithms, or results to remove bias and add another set of experienced eyes

R&D and Skunkworks– Day to day work keeps analytics teams busy; we can provide resources to take a crack at projects that somehow keep slipping down the priority list or are more fringe.

Data Analysis and descriptive analytics provide insight into the past

Descriptive Analytics

A wide range of descriptive analytics Descriptive analysis or statistics does exactly what the name implies they “Describe”, or summarize raw data and make it something that is interpretable by humans. They are analytics that describe the past. The past refers to any point of time that an event has occurred, whether it is one minute ago, or one year ago. Descriptive analytics are useful because they allow us to learn from past behaviors, and understand how they might influence future outcomes. Read More


Comprehensive Data Science through predictive and prescriptive analytics using advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI

Predictive Analytics

A wide range of advanced analytics using sophisticated techniques and tools to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Predictive analytics has its roots in the ability to understand the future before it happens. This means providing companies with actionable insights by shedding light on the likelihood of a future outcome. It is important to remember that no statistical algorithm can “predict” the future with 100% certainty and the foundation of predictive analytics is based on probabilities. Read More


Prescriptive Analytics

The relatively new field of Prescriptive analytics uses the latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand what the impact is of future decisions and uses those scenarios to determine the best possible outcomes. In a nut-shell, these analytics are all about providing accurate advice. Prescriptive analytics attempt to quantify the effect of future decisions in order to advise on possible outcomes before the decisions are actually made. At their best, prescriptive analytics predict not only what will happen, but also why it will happen, by providing recommendations regarding actions that will take advantage of the predictions. Read More


We’re happy to share stories of how we’ve put these types of technologies to work and drive ROI for businesses in a wide range of B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations and functional units such as operations, finance, marketing, sales, advancement, and HR.

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