D4i Strategy

At CESM, we apply a unique  and consultative methodology, known simply as D4i Strategy, to create data driven marketing strategies that achieve client goals for growth and retention.

D4i can be employed as a step by step, closed loop process or in single stages based on the distinct needs of each client. Every stage leverages insight to develop marketing strategy. See the infographic below for an overview of each stage.

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CESM Marketing Method

Discovery of Valuable Information
Data/Information collection from within the organization
-Stakeholder interviews, internal data streams, and prior business metrics
Primary/Secondary research
Competitive analysis
Consumer life cycle and profile analysis
Discovery Detail
The process starts with discovering valuable information that exists within an organization. Stakeholder interviews are conducted in conjunction with analysis of internal data streams and prior business metrics. Additional information is gathered through conducting primary and secondary research, if needed. A competitive analysis is created to identify and gain information on direct and indirect competitors. Both a target audience life cycle and profile analysis are developed based on the data.
Determination Goals
Consensus regarding marketing goal (s) and realistic outcomes
Customized KPI’s are established
Positioning statement
Determination Detail
Through the knowledge gained in the discovery phase, marketing goals with realistic outcomes are determined. Customized KPI’s are established to reflect business and campaign goals. With consensus goals and outcomes in place, a positioning statement is created to focus campaign development.
Development of Campaign Plan and Deliverables
Content, promotional nature and consumer participation determined
Channel selection with focus on cross integration and brand/message consistency
Campaign planning, budgeting, and timelines created
Transparent project management
Creative direction established
Development Detail
Marketing content, promotional nature and audience participation are collaboratively determined. With the marketing goals in place, channels are selected with focus on cross integration and brand/message consistency. Campaign plans, budgeting, and timelines are created with transparent project management. Creative direction for the campaign is then established within the determined channels.
Deployment of Campaigns
Campaigns embedded with customized analytic tools -On time and within budget
Predetermined triggers address business metrics
Deployment Detail
With customized analytic tools in place, marketing campaigns are seamlessly implemented; on time and within budget. Campaigns are deployed with predetermined triggers to address established business metrics.
Insight Overview
Compelling insight at each stage of the D4i process
Descriptive analytics -Measure campaign results against goals and ROI
Predictive analytics, modeling, and principles of prescriptive analytics -Leveraged to determine future campaign strategy within the D4i process
Insight Detail
CESM provides compelling insight at each stage of the D4i process. Through descriptive analytics, the results of individual marketing channels are determined, revealing the success of established goals and ROI. Predictive analytics, modeling and principles of prescriptive analytics are then applied to determine strategy for future campaigns within each phase of the D4i process.
CESM is a strategic marketing & analytics firm that leverages data insight to develop strategies that accomplish client goals for retention and growth.
Strategic marketing through data insight.