Dealer Growth Through Predictive Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Ferris Mowers (Munnsville, NY) prides themselves on building reliable commercial mowers that time and time again will be more productive and ensure the highest quality of cut. Beyond manufacturing mowers that will provide years of service, they continually look for ways to improve not only their products, but their customer’s satisfaction.

The Opportunity

As a B2B leader in the development and sale of zero turn lawn mowers they’ve experienced a surge in dealer growth over the past several years and wanted to embrace data at an even higher level as a tool to continue that growth. While understanding the need for a data-driven approach, the Ferris team aspired to more effectively guide their sales team in lead management and increase dealer conversions. In exploring more data-driven ways to grow the Ferris Mowers dealer market, they partnered with CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy and Marketing (CESM).

The Strategy

We proceeded with a discovery phase to understand and unify all quantitative and qualitative data that was available inside and outside the organization. From there, a strategic plan was created, which included the development of a predictive scoring model for each current and potential dealership based on location, market share opportunity, end user demand, and other factors.

After assigning a score based on the model, we worked with the Ferris team to develop collateral, unique to individual dealer locations, which defined potential market share gained by carrying the Ferris brand. A personalized pre sales communication strategy was also developed for the on ground sales team. Digital assets supported the personalized strategy developed for each dealer. By combining pre sales support with on ground sales efforts, the sales team experienced significant increase in set appointments. After an appointment was completed, but a dealer did not sign up, additional conversion tactics were delivered.

Using this system along with input from the Ferris Mower sales team, we were able to focus efforts on high value potential dealers, and support the sales team with insight that competitors were unable to offer.

The Results

As a result of our data-driven strategy and partnership with Ferris, 7 new dealerships were acquired at the conclusion of the 4 week campaign. Past marketing and sales efforts resulted in 3 new accounts for the equivalent amount of set appointments. This resulted in a conversion rate of 47%, 27% higher than in the past. The anticipated revenue generated from this campaign is estimated to be over $1,000,000, which equated to a 3,900% campaign ROI and 2,122% marketing ROI over past marketing efforts.