Kuali is a higher education software development company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company develops open-source administration software for universities and colleges in collaboration with higher education partner institutions. Kuali focuses on five product categories: Financials, Research, Curriculum and Catalog Management, Build (no-code applications), and Ready (business continuity). Their modular approach allows institutions to extend the life of their current systems without required large, “rip-and-replace” suite implementations.

The Opportunity

The revamping of an existing software product, Kuali Ready, a business continuity product. Reporting out of the product was considered one of the key areas of opportunity. Kuali was short on resources and depth of expertise within their BI tool, Sisense, to execute this part of the revamp within their project timeline.

The Strategy

Initially, architect a data cube to support the retrofitting of 20 dashboards. The engagement quickly grew into the development of a relational data model, a comprehensive security protocol, and the optimization of data tables (and eliminating joins) to enhance user experience.

The Results

CE Strategy was able to successfully assist Kauli with their primary goal of staying within the original project timeline for their product revamp. Additionally, CE Strategy helped to educate their product, sales, customer success teams teams on their new BI capabilities to enable a seamless launch of the revamped product to their userbase. Equally important was the sense of relief the Kuali Ready team was able to experience upon the completion of the reporting revamp along with extensive security measure baked into the process. This engagement has led to other Kuali product teams and departments to seek similar results in collaboration with CE Strategy.