March 16, 2022

By: Kevin  Oklobzjia

As a business intelligence and analytics consultant, Cause + Effect Strategy’s stated mission is to help clients solve complex business problems using data.

Not that every business is anxious to take the data deep dive. The process at first can seem overwhelming or even unpleasant.

CE Strategy Leadership Team

Left: Michael Sutton, VP of Client Service, Right: John Loury, President

“Helping clients get value from data is really hard, there’s a lot of plumbing involved, and no one likes to call the plumber,” Cause + Effect president John Loury said.

The plumber, however, almost always performs necessary work.

Which explains why Cause + Effect continues to expand its consulting reach. The Henrietta-based firm, now in its seventh year of operation, has grown from eight employees to 15, with two more expected to join the firm in the coming weeks.

Revenue has risen 54 percent over the past three years and there are more than 40 clients on the ledger, some in Rochester with others as far away as the Colombia and the United Kingdom.

“You’re helping them monetize and strategize and apply this data insight. “All this work that we do has to have business value, so adoption and application of this insight is critical and that’s why we’re having success.” John Loury, president

BioWorks Inc. of Victor and Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning of Rochester say they also are having increased success due to insights gleaned from data analysis.

“As we’re growing, we wanted to have a more accurate picture instead of just going with our gut feelings,” said Jennifer Ott, the company’s chief financial officer. “Our guts may be right, but we wanted to support it with actual data, and we realized it was not easy to do with the system we were using.

Data Viz

Sample Data Visualization

“Cause + Effect was able to walk us through that process and set up visualizations so we could make clear decisions.”

Cause + Effect introduced an entirely new data warehouse structure, creating a data pipeline with pull and push data so BioWorks would have daily updates. Through that data they can now make daily budget and operational-efficiency decisions.

“It’s allowing them to be less reactionary and being more proactive to ensure things are trending in the right direction,” said Michael Sutton, vice president of client services at Cause + Effect.

Said Ott: “They have made such a difference in producing information. In the past, we would have a team crunching spreadsheets every month, and by the time leadership got the results they were six weeks old.”